Terms and Conditions

All participants to the activities organized by Outdoor FUN have the responsibility to review and acknowledge the contents of the following regulation. Reading and following the rules may reduce (but not fully avoid) the risk of accidents

The ski and snowboarding lessons organized by Outdoor FUN will strictly follow the rules and instructions provided by the ski and snowboarding instructor and respecting this regulation.
Outdoor FUN is providing ski and snowboarding lessons, private or group, during the official schedule, only by appointment confirmed by a representative of the Outdoor FUN ski and snowboard school.
It is mandatory to wear a helmet during the entire period of the ski or snowboarding lesson, irrespective of the age or level of the customer.


Terms & conditions:

  • Once accessing the website http://www.outdoorfun.ro you agree to follow the terms and conditions, all the laws and regulations applicable for this site. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using our site. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use our site. By using or accessing the site or services, you signify that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these terms of use.



  • The ski and snowboarding lessons provided by Outdoor fun are not insured by any type of insurance.
  • We do recommend our customers to ensure they have an insurance valid for the winter sports they practice. Outdoor FUN will not be held liable for any accidents or lost items, occurred during or after the lessons.


Cancellation policy:

  • Cancelling the lessons booked more than one week prior to your scheduled lesson start will allow full refund.
  • Cancelling the lessons booked less than one week prior to your scheduled lesson start (but not more than 2 days prior) will allow for 50% refund.
  • Cancelling the lessons booked less than 2 days prior to your scheduled lesson start won`t be subject to any refund.
  • The cancellation policy is applicable to any situation caused by the customer, unless there may be a situation caused by the Outdoor FUN ski and snowboard school.



  • The lessons starts at the date, time and place communicated in the booking confirmation.
  • In case of the late arrival of the customer, the instructor will wait for the first 15 min. In case the customer does not communicate the late arrival to the instructor or will not show up during this time, the lesson will be cancelled and the customer will be responsible to pay the lesson in full.
  • If the customer announced the late arrival, the instructor will be waiting for the customer, but the lesson will be reduced accordingly. This means the customer will be the lesson in full and will take the responsibility of the late arrival.
  • Daca clientul a anuntat instructorul ca va intarzia, atunci instructorul va astepta sosirea clientului, insa ora de instruire se va diminua corespunzator cu perioada intarziata; practic, clientul va plati pentru o ora intreaga, chiar daca a beneficiat de instruire mai putin de o ora (practic, clientul isi asuma intarzierea);


Group lessons:

  • The group lessons will be organized based on instructor availability and the number of requests.
  • The group lessons will be organized based on the level and experience requested by the customer. It is customer responsibility to ensure the booking is made according to the right level and experience of all participants. You can find detailed descriptions of all levels on our site.
  • If our instructors will assess that the age, level and experience of any of the participants have not been accessed correctly, then we reserve the right to reshuffle. In case this option is not available, then we reserve the right to remove the participants from the lesson without a refund.


Private lessons and children group (minor):

  • Please ensure the children have the appropriate gear (ski- or snowboarding- helmet, googles, gloves, jacket and pants, additional / first layers) and that they are appropriately dressed for the weather conditions;
  • It is recommended for the children to have sufficient funds for possible breaks (food & drinks);
  • Any medical conditions or any special diet requirements will need to be disclosed to the ski or snowboarding instructor before the start of the lesson;
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet during the entire period of the ski or snowboarding lesson;
  • Parents will need to arrive in time for picking up their children at the end of the lessons. Our instructors are not taking responsibility to oversee the children, as following other lessons will be started.


Pictures and videos:

  • We may be taking photos and / or videos of our customers (including children under 18) during the ski or snowboarding lessons. The photos and videos shall be used to review ones` progress and provide feedback on improvement areas. These can also be shared with the parents to review the progress of their children.
  • The photos and videos might also be used to promote the ski and snowboarding lessons on the company website and / or company’s or instructor`s social media accounts. In case you do not want photos and / or videos to be taken with you and or your children, please express clear interests on the site. The lack of express advisement in this area will represent your agreement for the phots and / or videos to be taken and used as indicated above.

This regulations can be unilaterally changed or updated by the Outdoor FUN ski and snowboarding school, and it will be presented to the customers by being published on the website www.outdoorfun.ro.