Learn how to ski in a safe and nice environment, with one of our instructors, while you`re having fun!


Private lessons for children

Safe and fun lessons, perfectly tailored for your children.

Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Private lessons for adults

Develop your technique and abilities with the help and guidance from our ski monitors.

Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Group lessons for children

We are using new and fun teaching methods, involving the kid`s cognitive, emotional and physical capabilities. Technical skills improvement and the safety of your children are our main priorities.

Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Group lessons for adults

Develop your skills while enjoying the group dynamic. Our group lessons are perfect if you want to learn alongside your friends or family.  

Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Check your level!


We want to make sure you and your children are safe with us. Everyone should wear helmets and make sure are appropriately equipped for any weather condition – especially the children. We are making sure our teaching methods are perfectly adapted to our customers` levels and the terrain.


We love skiing and we are looking forward to share our knowledge and passion with you! We know how important is for your children to enjoy the first lessons and connect with the instructor, so we are focusing on the right exercises and games, so that they can learn easy, while having fun.


We are structuring our lessons with the right exercises and challenges for you and your children to make sure we help you develop your skills and see progress after each lesson.

Do you have any plans for this winter? Join us and let us turn the winter into your favorite season!